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Anytime something isn’t working right on our automobile, it can be frustrating and even expensive to have it corrected. If your vehicle’s transmission starts giving you problems, it might cause you more angst than say, a headlight going out, or wiper blades that need to be replaced. Having your transmission serviced at regular intervals can save you a large sum of money in the long run.


Your transmission should be serviced at regular intervals just like changing your oil (but not nearly as often). Check your owners manual for recommended milage intervals.


gear-1399360_1920There are two types of transmission services: a transmission fluid change and a transmission flush. A transmission fluid change is similar to an oil change in that the transmission fluid is drained from your vehicle by gravity. Not all the fluid in the system is drained using this method and it does not flush out contaminants. Generally, a transmission fluid change drains between 20%-40% of the total volume.


A transmission flush uses a professional grade machine to completely flush all the transmission fluid from your vehicle and remove grime and contaminants from the torque converter and cooler lines to prevent them from causing transmission problems. This process involves running a special solution through the lines until they come out completely clean and then filling up the system with new fluid.


If you are experiencing problems with your transmission, such as not being able to get your car in gear, or difficulty in shifting between gears, a transmission service might not solve your problem.


The ASE Certified mechanics at TAG Automotive can diagnose the problem for you and offer you a solution.









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