Steering Repair

Your vehicle’s steering system is as important as your braking system. If your vehicle is in motion, you certainly want to be able to make it stop, and you certainly want to be able to control where it’s going. Losing the ability to steer your vehicle can be hazardous, and keeping your steering system in top operating condition is a must.

steering-wheel-828752_1920Most car steering systems are made up of the same three or four components. The steering wheel connects to the steering system, which connects to the track rod connecting to the tie rods, which connects to the steering arms. The steering system can be one of several designs, but all the designs essentially move the track rod left-to-right across the vehicle. The tie rods connect to the ends of the track rod with ball and socket joints, and then to the ends of the steering arms, also with ball and socket joints.

As with any man-made mechanical device, sometimes the steering components of your vehicle wear out and need to be replaced. If your vehicle has power steering and you hear a humming noise when your turn your steering wheel, chances are your power steering pump is in need of replacement.

If you have a good deal of play in your steering wheel, i.e. you turn your steering wheel a quarter or a half turn before the wheels actually turn, you most likely have some worn parts in your steering system that need to be replaced.

TAG Automotive has been diagnosing and repairing steering systems for almost thirty years. Our ASE Certified mechanics have repaired thousands of automobiles with steering issues, and we can assist you if and when your vehicle isn’t steering properly. Give us a call or stop by our shop today.

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