Factory Scheduled Maintenance


When your vehicle is new, you should take advantage of the dealership’s factory warranty services. Some manufacturer’s include services such as free oil changes and other services during your new vehicle’s warranty period for up to 36 months or 36,000 miles. Once those “free” services go away, you should still continue to have your vehicle serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. That’s where we can help, and that’s where we can save you time and money.


All vehicles, at some point in time, had included with their owner’s manual, a maintenance schedule of recommended services to be performed at certain intervals. These services and the timing of these services are designed to keep your vehicle in the best running and operating condition for the life of your vehicle.


camaro-339169Depending on the type of vehicle you have, the services you are able to receive which are included in your factory warranty vary widely. Some car makers will include the cost of repairing or servicing virtually everything on your vehicle for a certain period of time, while others will not cover any of the basic services needed such as oil and filter changes once the vehicle leaves their lot.


TAG Automotive specializes in taking up where the dealer leaves off. Our services are performed by ASE Certified mechanics. TAG Automotive knows what services are needed and when on virtually any make and model of vehicle. TAG Automotive will perform the same tasks as your dealer performs for a lot less money, and almost always with same day service. We can and will keep your vehicle up to date on it’s factory scheduled maintenance.









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