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Not too long ago, if your “check engine” light or “maintenance required” warning light came on, you would have to take it to the dealer to get them to turn it off. They might even charge you $50 dollars or more to “hook it up to their computer” and turn off the light. Thankfully, times have changed, and you are not at the mercy of the dealer any longer.

Today’s automobiles are equipped with a number of sensors that will cause one or more warning lights to come on within your dashboard. The most common is the “check engine” or “maintenance required” light. The check engine light is a signal to you that something is wrong with your vehicle’s engine performance. It might be as simple as a loose gas cap. It might be as serious as a bad catalytic converter.

Other warning lights gauge the performance of certain systems on your vehicle. The warning light that looks like a miniature oil can means your vehicle is low on oil or oil pressure and you should have it checked immediately.

computer-diagnosticThe battery shaped warning light means your charging system isn’t working properly. A brake light warning means something isn’t working right with your vehicle’s braking system and you should have it inspected immediately.

If you see a warning light shaped like a radiator with spewing water going out the top, pull over immediately and call for help. Driving your vehicle while your engine is over-heated can cause a major expense, i.e replacing your entire engine.

There are as many “warning” type lights as there are different types of automobiles. A new BMW 7 Series has a warning light/symbol for just about everything imaginable. It’s almost impossible to know what all of them mean, but they can all be found (and their meanings) inside your owner’s manual.

Or, if you have a warning light come on, bring your vehicle to TAG Automotive and we will tell you what it means. We’ll also tell you if you need to have something repaired right away or if its something that can wait. Plus, we’ll turn off that pesky warning light for you.

First and foremost, don’t panic over warning lights. They are simply indicators that something isn’t right with your vehicle, and you should get it checked out as soon as you can. If you feel you should stop and call for help, please do so and always err on the side of safety.

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