Brake Repair

Your vehicle’s braking system is one of the top two or three safety features on your automobile. If your vehicle is in motion and you can’t stop, there is a life and death reason to be concerned. TAG Automotive has been diagnosing and repairing automobile braking systems for almost thirty years. We take all of our repair work seriously. When it comes to our customer’s safety, we take no chances.

Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than vehicle’s made just a few years ago. Vehicles in future years are bound to become even more sophisticated. Our ASE Certified mechanics are always up to date on the newest braking systems, often before newer cars even come on the market.

breaksYour braking system is made up of more than just brake pads, rotors, shoes and drums. Your vehicle’s braking system is a closed hydraulic system that works under pressure. The master cylinder, brake lines, brake calipers, and a number of other moving parts all work in conjunction with one another to stop your vehicle when you put your foot on the brake pedal. If one part of your brake system isn’t working properly, your vehicle isn’t stopping like it was designed to and could be extremely dangerous.

TAG Automotive specializes in brake system diagnosis and repair. If you believe your vehicle has issues with its braking system, bring it by and let us check it out for you. We will perform a complete brake system check for no charge and no obligation. After all, your safety is what matters to us most.

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