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Let’s face it: summer in the South is hot. If your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly, TAG Automotive can help. TAG has been repairing automobile AC systems for almost thirty years. Just like your braking system, your vehicle’s AC system is a closed system that works under pressure.


If your AC system is blowing hot air and is in need of refrigerant, your system has a leak in it somewhere. Adding refrigerant might make it blow cold air for a period of time, but if it leaked out before, it will certainly leak out again.


Your vehicle’s AC system has several important parts, each of which can cause your system to blow hot air or not blow at all if not functioning properly. Some of these parts include the compressor, an expansion valve, an evaporator and blower, high pressure switches, a condenser, a fan and a drier. All of these parts are connected in one way or another by high pressure or low pressure lines.


If one part isn’t working properly or is worn out, the whole system will not work properly or, it will not work as it is designed to. The ASE Certified mechanics at TAG Automotive can diagnose and repair your AC system.









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