We will examine every aspect of your vehicle to make sure all of its parts are running smoothly.


We can accurately diagnose your car’s issues and suggest the best method of repair.


We will get your vehicle fixed and back on the road in no time!

Our Award Winning Services

Air Conditioning Repair


Summers in the South can be brutally hot. If your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t keeping you cool, bring it in. We’ll make you cool again.

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Factory Scheduled Maintenence

camaro-339169Once your vehicle’s basic warranty has expired, you don’t have to take it to the dealer to maintain its recommended maintenence schedule.
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Oil & Filter Changes

oillgYour engine’s oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Changing it at regular intervals will prolong the life of your engine.
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Brake Repair

breaksSafety first. Safety always. TAG Automotive’s ASE Certified mechanics will make sure your brakes are working like they’re supposed to work.
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Tune Ups

motor-579912_1920Keeping your engine tuned will improve your gas milage and keep your engine running smoothly. TAG Automotive’s ASE Certified mechanics will make any engine run like it’s supposed to.
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Computer Diagnostics

computer-diagnosticWhy is your check engine light coming on? Today’s vehicles have so many sysmbols, you might not know what they all mean. TAG Automotive knows, and can make sure your vehicle is operating correctly.
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Charging Systems

car-1564300_1920Your charging system is made up of more than just your battery. Your battery might be dead, but it might be something else causing it to lose its charge.
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car-key-842106_1920If your vehicle’s starter isn’t working, you’re not going anywhere. TAG Automotive has been analyzing and replacing or reparing starters for almost 30 years.
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Radiator Service

tucson-radiator-serviceYour engine’s cooling system consists of more than just your radiator. Water pumps, fans, belts and hoses all make your engine run cooler.
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Suspension Service

jac-s3-2015-2016-suspensionA smooth riding automobile starts with your vehicle’s suspension. Worn shocks, struts and other suspension parts can make your ride very uncomfortable.
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22 Point Inspection

2009_toyota_land_cruiser_084_5235Your safety is our number one priority. We offer a complimentary 22 point safety inspection with any service purchase.
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Steering Repair

steering-wheel-828752_1920If its really hard to turn your steering wheel, or if you turn it a half turn and your wheels stay straight, it’s time to have your steering system checked.
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Transmission Service

gear-1399360_1920If your vehicle has trouble shifting, or maybe you have difficulty getting it out of a certain gear, it’s time to have our ASE Certified mechanics take a look at it.
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Exhaust System

exhaust-pipe-1653783_1920You know almost immediately if you have a bad muffler, just from the sound of it. Other faulty items in your exhaust system might not be so noticable. TAG can check out your system and make sure it’s operating like it should.
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Tire Balancing

Over the course of time, your wheels might have lost a wheel weight causing one or more of your tires to be out of balance. Rebalancing your tires can fix this problem quickly.
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